De-Odorizing Culture Management

Nisarg’s De-Odorizing Culture

Nisarg’s De-Odorizing Culture

Nisarg’s  De-Odorizing culture is containing active ingredients which rapidly destroy odour causing micro organism and accelerate the rate of decomposition of bio waste, in a self economic and environment friendly manner.

Effective for Testing:

  1. Municipal Solid Waste,
  2. Municipal Waste water,
  3. Kitchen and Horticulture Waste,
  4. Slaughter House Waste
  5. Industrial organic Waste,
  6. Effluent Treatment Plant,
  7. Sludge &
  8. Other Bio-degradable waste


Advantages of Nisarg’s De-Odorizing Culture:

  • Natural way to clean nature: Microbes grow naturally, not genetically modified / imported / exotic.
  • Effective for all types of bio waste.
  • Higher energy efficiency as compared to incineration.
  • Low pathogenecity: suppression of pathogens.
  • Synergistic advantage of aerobic & anaerobic microbes.
  • Suppression of harmful gases like methane & hydrogen sulphide.
  • Reduction or elimination of harmful chemicals used traditionally.
  • Source treatment made easy.
  • Safe for handlers of waste.
  • Faster decomposition of bio-waste into humus.

Use of Nisarg’s De-Odorizing Culture:

  • Helps reduce BOD, COD & TDS.
  • Helps in controlling coliform bacteria.
  • Reduction in power [Aeration] & thus operation costs.
  • PH control without using chemicals in a very large range leading to reduction in sludge formation and operation costs.
  • Suppression of foul odour, flies, mosquitoes.
  • Can be easily applied to existing treatment facility, synergistic with various technologies.

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