Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost

Involved in providing the best quality fertilizers, we are offering the new Mushroom Compost to our customers. These are usually a dark, rich and moist mixture of wheat straws, peat mosses and cottonseed meals. These composts improve the structure of soil and reduce the surface resulting in the improved drainage for the soils, when amended into the soils. With the increased microbial activity, the fertility of soil is also enhanced. In addition to this, our valuable clientele can avail customized packaging and sourcing services from us for the offered compost.


  • Soil structure improvement
  • Improved soil drainage
  • Enhanced fertility

Benefits of Mushroom Compost:

  • Mushroom compost has high water and nutrient holding capacity and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems.
  • As a fertilizer and soil amendment for farming, mushroom compost supports plant growth in a variety of plant applications such as corn, pumpkin, tomato & potato yield.
  • Mushroom compost supports plant growth of mulch hays from orchard grass, timothy, reed canary grass, tall fescue and brome grass. As a fertilizer and soil amendment for law care & landscaping, Mushroom compost supports plants growth & inhabits artillery fungus.
  • It is also great for breaking up clay like soil.
  • It helps in preserving the ground moisture, that soil already held.
  • The fungal properties help to provide a moist protection against drought & intensive heat.
  • This will save on the cost of watering your vegetable garden as well as improve the soil itself.
  • Mushroom compost also offers the bonus of being weeded free.
  • This compost has one better point that people love, it does not have a terrible odour like other type of compost.
  • The neighbours will be glad that you are using mushroom compost as well.

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Ton

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