Vermi Bed

We NISARG ORGANIC BIO-TECH represent Vermi beds the future in modern compost technology. We offer a unique combination of simple installation, affordable cost, the optimal moisture and oxygen level provides faster and healthier compost, light weight materials and extremely tough construction. Our Vermi compost beds are a smart choice for all organic agricultural industries that benefit from the higher yields resulting from vermi-compost & Vermi Wash.

Our Vermi beds are most appealing feature is its ease of installation. Gone are the days of having to construction expensive Vermi beds from materials such as concrete. Vermi beds is so easy to install, several beds can be erected in just a few hours! They are also very easy to relocate. Just slide the Vermi beds off their installation posts, move them to a new location, and in a few hours they are back in service. Light weight reinforced HDPE construction means that they can be transported cheaply and without heavy duty transportation vehicles. This also makes it easy to set them up in hard to access or remote locations.

In addition to industry leading durability and construction, our Vermi beds are factory fitted with Inter-Wrap's leading edge aeration windows. Aeration allows the compost to maintain the proper moisture and oxygen levels for microbial populations to operate at peak efficiency. They also prevent excess heat build up. Optimal aeration results in faster and healthier compost that in turn give higher crop yields.

Our Vermi bed sets the standard in product quality. They are made from 100% multilayer coated woven HDPE material and are puncture resistant, waterproof, impervious to mold, and unaffected by most agricultural chemicals.

Ensure your Vermi compost beds have what it takes to handle even the harshest environment; don't leave quality and durability to chance. Choose the industry proven brand name Nisarg Organic Biotech ™ and rest assured knowing you've made the right choice.

Silent Future of Vermi bed

· Affordable price.

· Large size Vermi bed used for composting organic waste. (12 * 4 * 2)

· Designed for use with worms, resulting in low cost, high quality organic fertilizer.

· Allows for the collection of Vermi wash, a natural organic pesticide.

· Prevents form ultra violet radiation.


· High strength resistant fabric prevents attack from outside particles & field mice as well as deterioration over time.

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